• Who can use dentalmainframe.com?

    Any one from the dental community who registers on the web site is free to use the site and access the content.

    All one needs to do is to fill out an online registration form and submit it.

    once you are application form is approved, you will then be able to login and access the site and its content.

  • Can I only submit text content on the site?

    Of course not.

    One can not only submit or publish text content but also upload and publish original video content on to the website.

  • How do I upload or submit content on the website

    To submit or publish content ,one need to register on the site first.

    Registering is easy and is completely free. one can register by clicking here.

    Uploading content is easy ,it can be done from our members dashboard page as shown  in the picture..


  • Do I need to pay for access to the website?

    NO ,Access to the site is completely free.

    All you need to do is to register yourself .

  • I am a dental student ,how will dentalmainframe.com be useful to me?

    As a student member he/she can interact with their peers worldwide through our site's forum and blogs.

    Post articles on our members sections.

    Upload seminars and presentations he/she had presented at their institute level onto our website.

    Upload video content like ,clinical presentations, classroom presentations etc

    Use the site as a platform to hone their presentation skills by having their peers review and evaluate their work.

    Student members can have a first hand exposure to content writing,formatting ,proper presentation for journals,publications by using out platform.