• What content should not be posted on the website?

    -Non original content (articles/contents not conceived ,written by the original user)

    -Articles and content which do not have a direct relevance to dentistry

    -Pirated books , software , or programs which have been downloaded from other sites

    -Publishing hateful content directed at any member of the dental fraternity

    -Non dental video content ,pornographic material etc

    -Use of the site to advertise and promote 3rd products and services

    -hyperlinking ,back-linking to other sites (to be regulated)

    -use of the site to upload viruses, bots and other malicious content

  • I am not proficient in English how do I contribute or use dentalmainframe.com?

    Proficiency in english is not mandatory (though it does not hurt to be proficient).

    One can always enlist the help of our voluntary reviewers and editors to polish the articles,and improve the presentation and readability of your articles.

    Also the unique aspect of our site is that, we have on board members who provide translation of articles. they will be happy to help you translate your articles from your native language to english and vice –versa.

  • In what role(s) can I contribute to the site?

    -Original content providers(Both text articles and video content).


    -Sub editors

    -Forum moderators


    -Proof readers


    -Student level co-ordinators at the institute/college/university.

    -News aggregators

    -national and international level conference co-ordinators


  • How does the website benefit the student members?

    As a student member he/she can interact with their peers worldwide through our site's forum and blogs.

    Post articles on our members sections.

    Upload seminars and presentations he/she had presented at their institute level onto our website.

    Upload video content like ,clinical presentations, classroom presentations etc

    Use the site as a platform to hone their presentation skills by having their peers review and evaluate their work.

    Student members can have a first hand exposure to content writing,formatting ,proper presentation for journals,publications by using our platform.